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Jimmy Johns “Day Old” bread

So maybe lots of you know this already, but I bet some of you don’t.

If you have a Jimmy Johns near you, they only use very fresh bread.  They bake it in each store and only keep it for so long before they deem it not good enough for their sandwiches.  The best part about this, is you can buy the old bread for cheap.

A loaf of their bread, which is probably 2 feet long, sells for around $.50.  Recently we had an event for our church Youth Group and we wanted to provide food for them.  We contacted a local Jimmy Johns and the manager said to stop by right after they close and they’d give us the bread they were going to throw away for free.  My wife headed over there and came home with two garbage bags full of bread.  We must have had 40+ loaves.

Luckily for us the bread freezes very well.  You can just let it thaw on the counter and in no time it’s as good as new.  Each loaf can be cut to make at least 3 normal sized sandwiches and it’s even good just with some butter as bread to go along with a meal.  We still have over 20 loaves in our freezer and I think they’ll last us for quite a while.

Anyway, hopefully someone finds that info useful.  They don’t always have a ton of loves each morning so if you wait until dinner, they may not have any left.  Enjoy.


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