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Converting a Dresser into a Kitchen Island – Part 1

So, we have an island in our kitchen that I made many years ago.  My wife has decided she wants a larger one so we can have some extra storage in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island

She has a friend who converted a dresser into an island and she loved it.  She then found another friend who was getting rid of a dresser.  So, we picked it up and are going to try to convert it into our own kitchen island.  It will probably take a couple days but I’ll document here as we go along.

The dresser was a standard 2 drawers across and 3 drawers high layout.  However, it is too short to be useful as an island.  Standard kitchen counters are around 36″ high and the dresser was only about 31″  It would work well to set things on, but not for using as a work surface.  So, I had to figure out how to make it taller.

Dresser Before…

I figured we could either make the legs longer to raise the whole thing up, or we could somehow add a layer to the top to have some extra storage space.  So, I removed the top, framed out another layer, and brought it up to the proper height.  We want to replace the top but I set the old top on it to see how it would feel.  I also removed the bottom two rows of drawers and put in a floor so we can use that as a shelf for large items (mixer, blender, etc).

Test fit of the new top level
Test fit with the old top.

The top is not yet attached as I have to find someone with a nail gun I can borrow.  But finishing it up (except for finding a final top) should be pretty easy.

Check Out Part 2.


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