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Laundry Organization

Like many people I know, the laundry area in our house was somewhat disorganized.  We had multiple hampers to put the dirty clothes in but they weren’t next to the washer & dryer.  Things would overflow and were just not a very pretty site.

My wife did some looking around the internet and found a few ideas on what we could make to help get things more organized.  The idea that we found and liked the best look like this:

Click image to view the page we got the idea from

My wife sorts laundry into at least 8 different types (white, hot, white cold, dark hot, dark cold, etc).  We took some measurements and even bought some different size laundry baskets to see what would work and what didn’t.

Then one day, as we were cleaning out things in the basement, we realized that we might be able to use some of the shelves we already had as our laundry basket rack.  This would make things more compact and we wouldn’t have to design and build something from scratch.

We used some wire shelving that you can buy at any home improvement store, combined that with some inexpensive laundry baskets (less than $3 at Menards), and Voilà, we were done.

The end results takes up no more space than a single shelf and fits 10 baskets.  Now we just have to label them so the rest of us know what goes where…  😉



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