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Home Remodel – Stories and Pictures

In late 2013 we began an extensive remodel of the front half of our house.  This remodel included the Kitchen, Family Room, and Dining Room.  Now that the remodel is mostly complete (still have some trim/molding to do) I wanted to document everything and post some pictures for others to see our changes and hopefully get some ideas. Our house was built in 1981 and we have lived here since 2001.  During the first 12 years we made many changes but they were mostly cosmetic and non-structural.  In summer of 2013 we started thinking about a more extensive remodel to update and modernize our home.  Some of our main goals were:

  • Expand the kitchen and give it a better layout with more storage
  • Create a more Open Concept design
  • Create more storage in the dining area with built ins instead of random furniture pieces

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Mostly Homemade Donuts!

A tradition at our house every Christmas has been to have homemade donuts that get dipped into frosting and some sort of topping.  I figured I’d pass this along since it’s sooo easy to make and they are sooo good.


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Welcome to my blog.  I created this site because every now and then I have something I want to put online for others to see.  I never know when or what it will be but this is where you can find it.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you found my little piece of the internet.

Strap in, buckle up, and come along for the ride…  if you dare.